Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via my contact page or by filling out a form at the bottom of this page.



What do you charge per session and how is payment made?

I have different hourly rates for counselling and coaching.  Feel free to email or ring me to let me know which services you are interested in and I’ll be glad to respond.  I offer a reduced rate for sessions booked in blocks of 8 or more, however this is not a requirement for working together.


I invoice clients on a monthly basis and payment is required within 21 days of invoice date. Payment can be made by funds transfer to my bank account or by cheque.


How long does a session run for?

Typically, sessions for individuals are one hour and for couples 1.5 hours, however this can vary slightly depending on the nature of the session and the issue/s being addressed.


Would you work with me as both a coach and counsellor?

In most circumstances, the type of service required will be identified at the time of our introductory telephone call, which lasts about 20 minutes and is gratis.  There are certainly times when a therapy service may be complete and some ongoing coaching is required to help clients build some new skills and practise new behaviours.  This is always discussed at the appropriate time with clients.



What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

Counselling and psychotherapy primarily focus on: (1) helping people move through challenging life circumstances such as relationship break ups, bereavement and depression/anxiety; and (2)  helping clients understand the events and circumstances which have contributed to the issues which are now causing pain and/or dysfunction within themselves as well as their relationships with others. 


There is often an element of emotional healing which needs to occur in order for the client to be able to change long-standing patterns of behaviour and move forward in a variety of areas in life.  The psychotherapy experience is very much about gaining a deeper sense of self-awareness, receiving feedback and input from a non-judgemental point of view and exploring options together to help clients formulate a plan for making the necessary changes to lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life.


Coaching is a more proactive approach to problem solving and goal setting and is very future focussed.  As a coach, I assist clients in identifying personal needs, strengths and values; setting specific and relevant goals; and providing a sounding board, accountability and moral support (cheerleader!) along the way as the client makes the wanted changes in their personal and/or professional lives.



How long will it take for me to make the changes I desire?

How long it takes to make changes we identify depends on the nature of change and the level of commitment clients make to the work required. This is something we would touch on in our introductory telephone call and/or in early sessions.  Some changes are quite specific and goal-orientated and are fairly easy to apply to a timeline.  Other changes, which have to do with the self, generally take longer since we have to “unlearn” many of our ingrained behaviours and beliefs before we can learn and begin to practise a new way of being and relating.



Can you help me with my addiction issues, i.e., alcoholism/ love addiction/ gambling?

Yes, I am a trained addiction counsellor and family systems therapist with more than 20 years of experience identifying and treating addictions and their origins, whether they be chemical or process/behavioural addictions.  A specific treatment plan would be discussed and agreed for recovery from addiction/s.



Is what I share in session with you kept confidential?

Yes, with the exception of any criminal activity I may become aware of when working with minors (under 18 years of age).  In these cases, I am obliged to report such activity to the parents/guardians of the child.



If we have a corporate coaching relationship is what I share with you kept confidential?

Yes.  This is an explicit part of the agreement I have with any company which employs me to work with them/their employees.



What are your qualifications?


Please click here to veiw a full list of my credentials and professional affiliations.