Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama


When it comes to one on one developmental coaching, Audrey brings a blended and balanced expertise.


With her gift for making the seemingly abstract understandable, and drawing from both her corporate coaching background and therapy practice, Audrey helps her clients achieve very specific results, including:


DEBT REDUCTION AND FINANCIAL FITNESS - Reducing debt and moving to a position of financial stability and investment


SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION – Support in career goal setting and transition. Moving through these and other life changes with less stress and a sense of purpose


SMALL BUSINESS CREATION - Successfully establishing entrepreneurial businesses from the ground up


IMPROVED COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Improving communication and relationships between individuals by learning “coach-style” communication skills and/or reviewing and “retooling” your personal communication style


NEEDS AND VALUES IDENTIFICATION – If you don’t know what you value – then you don’t know what you need! Identify personal needs and values from a holistic perspective and implement behaviours to support new habits and goals


IDENTIFYING AND REMOVING EMOTIONAL BLOCKS – Identifying emotional issues that are getting in the way of moving forward in your life


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Audrey was an excellent listener and helped me articulate my goals and aspirations in a warm and safe environment.  She validated my choices and gave me practical ways to reach my goals. Audrey shared very useful and practical resources with me and was always very well prepared in advance of our meetings, as well as very responsive by email.”

Frédérique Blanc