The living self has one purpose only, to come into its own fullness of being”

D.H. Lawrence


Audrey has over 20 years experience in helping clients and their loved ones deal with a range of issues. Counselling services are available for adults, couples and adolescents experiencing:



PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)



Eating disorders

Family of origin issues

Relationship issues

Difficulty parenting

Financial issues

Difficulty making life changes/ transitions

Grief and loss


Audrey believes we each have within us the ability to transcend our personal histories, overcome current personal and professional challenges and live as vibrant, thriving human beings. In fact, Audrey believes it is a universal responsibility and imperative that we each do our own healing work.


With Audrey’s kind and compassionate approach, individuals and couples are able to identify their limiting or unhelpful behavior patterns and blocks, and make major life transitions with less stress and a sense of purpose.


For a full list of Audrey’s credentials and affiliations read here.


“I have worked with Audrey for a number of years and believe that she is one of the best practitioners in the field of therapy and healing work. She is intelligent, experienced, compassionate and, importantly, has undertaken her own healing journey."

Melissa Birchler, Business Owner